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October 25, 2010

Autumn Inspiration

Don’t you just love the fall? If you’re of a creative turn of mind, it can be one of the most inspiring seasons, full of colour and the promise of change. When I see something exciting, I can’t help but want to take a picture. Today, I want to share some autumn photos with you. And for my next blog, discover my favourite fall-inspired paint colours! Stay tuned…

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn House

Here are some drop-dead-gorgeous fall scenes I took in the countryside in Oshawa, Ontario this past weekend. These shots are of Windfields Farm, once belonging to E.P. Taylor and home of the famous thoroughbred racehorse, Northern Dancer.

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Driveway

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Exterior

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Farm Trees

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Flowers

Of course I had to pull over and collect some leaves for my place! Leaves and my favourite fall flower — asters! These beauties come in lots of shades of purple, lavender and white, and grow in fields and on the side of the road. A big bunch of these wildflowers in a simple ironstone pitcher was just what my home needed. Perfect!

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Leaves

And why not bring some branches with coloured leaves home from your next fall walk in the woods? They’re just lovely in a simple glass bottle or Mason jar.

Photo Blog October 25 Fall Autumn Branch Leaves

Or, you could do what I did, and snip a thin branch from a tree in the yard for an artful, jaw-dropping statement on a console or chest. If that doesn’t get you inspired, I don’t know what will!

I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a brisk walk in the cool air and revel at the magnificent colours of the season. Stay tuned for my next blog about rich and saturated paint shades that mimic autumn’s stunning hues.

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Photo credits:
1-7. Michael Penney