Autumn-Theme Display

Since my Thanksgiving dinner consists of veggie loaf and cranberry sauce, I get my holiday cheer from the beautiful, understated ways in which homes are decorated this time of year — it’s the calm before the magical storm that is Christmas.

To commemorate the harvest, we look to nature, piling gourds on dining tables and lining the doorstep with rows of pumpkins. While browsing ideas for my own Thanksgiving table, I came across some pretty vignettes that make use of  seasonal offerings.

Since there is no rule that your Thanksgiving table must embrace the established orange and brown palette, try something different by incorporating a variety of produce. I love how this homeowner kept their fall table subtle with a creamy white and green palette — contemporary yet still evocative of the harvest.

Having a hard time letting go of summer? This gorgeous pastel spread is reminiscent of sunnier days, but still conveys the Thanksgiving spirit. Note the easy DIY: cut a one-inch hole through the top of a tiny pumpkin, just wide enough to fit a tapered candle.

I like the monochrome white look so these smooth white pumpkins are a fall favourite. Make sure you grab them when you see them, as they can be hard to come by.

If you are a year-round mantel decorator like me, add little hints of fall like magenta-tipped hydrangea mopheads to spice up everyday pieces. I have a very soft spot for these little pumpkins.

I’m crazy about this eclectic ensemble that incorporates both trad and current elements. The tall black candleholders are a beautiful contrast to the lush gourd runner, and the faux antlers add a charming rustic detail.

I can’t wait to visit my local farmer’s market this weekend to pick my own fall trimmings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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