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Bathing Beauties

I’ve been dreaming about tubs lately. I’ve never lived in a home with a bathroom large enough to have a freestanding tub and walk-in shower. But I firmly believe in the notion of collecting ideas for the time when I might live in such a place. Always good to be prepared, I say.

I Instagrammed this copper beauty last January — a showpiece of the Ikea bathroom installation at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. No, you can’t buy this at Ikea, but the clever team there was showing how you can save a bundle by designing a bathroom with Ikea cabinetry and fittings, then splurge on a stunner like this. It was a very brave marketing move that helps spark the imagination. Job well done, Ikea. And just last week I spotted this tub again at Addison’s, a vintage plumbing emporium, presided over by soft-spoken Scot and utter font of plumbing knowledge, Jim Addison, and his adorable St. Bernard, Morag. Such a beaut (the tub and Morag)!

On the weekend I found this handsome set-up on, a goldmine of tubs on the web. This design combines the best features of a big open shower and a deep tub all in one spot. The key here is that all water splash and overflow find their way into an in-floor drain. No shower curtain assaults. It’s history-meets-modern-wet-room. Love it.

Here are some other dreamy tubs spotted on the site:

This one has a bit of an ocean liner vibe, but I think it’s definitely more Billy Zane than Leo. I’m okay with that. The brass rivets make it.

Copper is coming on strong in kitchens and bathrooms. This is an interesting design, since it succeeds in looking vintage and contemporary at the same time.

One thing I’ll always love about a clawfoot tub is that it offers an opportunity to up the decorating ante in a way other tubs don’t. This one delivers a pop of Sherwin-Williams Oceanside Blue (SW-6496). So perfect for a waterside home.

Permit me to digress from the topic of bathtubs for a moment to share this — holy amazing! I would love to do a setup like this for the outdoor shower I’m planning for my cottage. Only three more sleeps until I’m headed there for the first visit of the season. Can’t wait.

See our Spa-Like Bathrooms gallery for more freestanding tubs.

Photo credits:
1. Margot Austin
2-6. Baths of Distinction