Beautiful Interior Doors

I love homes that have details like panel moulding, pretty windows and beautiful interior doors. Sure, choosing a great front door gives your home curb appeal, but interior doors are what you’ll see every time you walk between rooms. At home I have builder-basic hollow doors with shiny gold hardware, so these ones are truly inspiring, setting the tone for each room, and turning walls into focal points.

Love the vintage-looking doors in this French home.

A pair of doors gets a unique diamond treatment in Patrick Frey’s Paris apartment. On a plain, smooth door, recreate this look with painter’s tape and a contrasting paint colour.

This door’s aged look with detailed trim and contrasting black hardware is very romantic (sans taxidermy).

Sliding barn doors are another unique door option. Using reclaimed doors adds an extra rustic touch.

A grey door with contrasting trim stands out against this gingham wallpaper.

Dramatic velvet curtains separate two rooms in this glamorous Manhattan apartment, and I love the door in the background, too.

I realize most of these doors are quite intricate, and not every room will suit these looks, but the photos show how paying attention to that occasionally forgotten detail can result in a big impact. For your interior doors, consider painting them blacklike Stacey Smithers did in her hallway. And have you seen the doors in the 2011 Princess Margaret Welcome Home Sweepstakes showhome? Stunning!

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