Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

My boyfriend rues the day I started working at House & Home. It seems like every other week I come home with a new idea for a different spot in the house, inspired by a gallery I’ve been working on or something I saw on a design blog. My latest obsession is our bedroom. A decorating challenge, the small space is not a regular shape, so the furniture placement is permanent; it has low natural light, so it seems dark all the time; and one entire wall is a mirrored closet (not that I am complaining!).

If I had my druthers (i.e. if we weren’t renting) I would redo my space so that it was bright, airy and spacious. However, since we are renting, I’ve got my eye on a few little upgrades that could totally change the feel of our bedroom.

I love this space from Ikea; I practically drooled over it in the catalogue. My favourite part is the faux living wall. Rather than go to the expense of having one installed, they faked it with shelves full of potted plants. The blank wall above my dresser would be the perfect place for some potted plants, and will help improve air quality, too.

This room, featured on Decor8, is a beauty. I love the pop of colour from the throw and the subtle paint colour; they’re just the things to brighten up my bedroom. I also love how the grey headboard grounds the space and keeps things from getting too girly or pretty.

I love the idea of using a DIY painted screen as a headboard. It’s totally in my budget and would turn my bed into a stunning focal point.

However, due to space issues, I think I may copy designer Summer Thornton and frame out a part of the wall with wallpaper to fake a headboard. (See the rest of her space on Apartment Therapy or in the online magazine Adore Home.) A stencil headboard is also an affordable option.

Babies are at the bottom of my ‘To do’ list right now, but I love the feel of this space. I was initially drawn to the oversized tissue balls in the corner, but my favourite thing in the room is the cute printed stool. I think I need more prints in my life; everything I own is in a solid colour, usually a neutral.

Even if I don’t end up with the bedroom of my dreams quite yet, it’s always fun to makeover a space. Wish me luck!

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