Decorating & Design

January 14, 2009

Best Spots For Windows

To create an open, airy feeling in your home, it’s important to carefully plan the placement of windows and patio doors so they’ll allow natural light to penetrate the space while offering the best views possible.

Go big or go home

A bank of patio doors in a great room can be opened up to create an outdoor living space. Turn your living room into a stylish and welcoming indoor porch by leaving patio doors open and inviting the fresh air in. Casement or awning windows offer large glass panes, perfect for capturing the beauty of the outdoors and bathing your home in natural light.


Carve out even more light by installing transoms over doors and/or windows. A transom — or small window above a door or another window — will allow more natural light in while making the door or window it adorns appear taller and more expansive.

All-season porches

Add a screened porch to your home or enclose an existing porch for added living space with an outdoor feel, perfect for use year-round. Screens can be replaced by weather-tight glass during the cold weather months and make outdoor views accessible throughout all seasons. Folding, sliding or swinging glass doors can be installed to make your porch an all-weather room, perfect for entertaining.

Patio doors

Even if you don’t have a deck, large patio doors add a new dimension to any space. A charming breakfast or sitting area can be created by adding patio doors for a real sense of luxury. Consider transforming your dining room into an enticing alfresco setting simply by adding patio doors you can keep open during summer evening meals. Fresh air never fails to work up an appetite.