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November 9, 2009

Best Tree Ornaments

For the last couple years I resisted getting an early jump on my holiday shopping because it always seemed instead of ending up ahead of the game, I just ended up spending more. But there are a couple items that I do make a concession to buy early, and one of those is holiday ornaments.

I have a tradition of buying my parents one cool, or quirky, or really beautiful ornament every year. I love my mom and dad’s ornaments — some my mom made when she and dad were first married; many more we kids crafted over the years — my kid sister had a real penchant for sticking sequins to Styrofoam, and still more were gifted from family friends. Mostly, I love these ornaments because they have been a part of every holiday season I have ever known. But to be honest, I think I would be okay with the fishing tackle-inspired baubles not making it out of the box this year!

Anyhow, when I left my ornament shopping to the last minute a couple years back, the selection I had to choose from was less than stellar. So from then on, I try and track down this year’s gift earlier rather than later. Here are some of my top picks from Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel. Just don’t scoop up all the good ones before I get there!

Photo Christmas Tree Ornament

Crate & Barrel Felt Bird Ornament, $3 USD each.

Photo November 10 Blog Bird Ornaments

Crate & Barrel Papier Mâché Patterned Birds, $16 USD for four.

Photo November 10 Blog Bell Ornaments

Crate & Barrel Rustic Bell Ornaments, $12 USD for six.

Photo November 10 Blog Octopus Ornament

Anthropologie’s Stitchy Octopus Ornament, $20 each.

Photo November 10 Blog Cone Ornament

Anthropologie’s Frosted Pine Cone Ornament, $9 each. Spoiler alert mom and dad, this one is my favourite!

Photo November 10 Blog Candle Ornament

Anthropologie’s Eternal Candle Ornament in gold, $11 each.

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