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January 21, 2013

Big Style In Bigfork

This lakeside home in Montana is a bit outside the beaten path of Aspen and Jackson Hole, but what it lacks in name recognition, it makes up for in style. Let’s take a trip to the shores of Flathead Lake.

Stone Creek Camp has four buildings: a main lodge with living space, three-bedroom guest house, lake house with principal suite (shown) and one-room cabin. The latter dates from 1940 and was used by the previous owners as home base while they built the rest of the camp along 700 feet of shoreline.

The property’s interiors were designed by Mimi London, whose own home is on Flathead Lake as well. In the lodge’s great room, dark wood panelling on the walls and ceiling feels rustic without veering into cliché, while cream-coloured gathered drapes are so summery they’re almost tropical.

A broad ipê-wood deck is the perfect spot to take in the lake view in the summer or curl up after a ski run in the winter. Both the living and dining room open to the deck; the dining room via a mechanical wall that completely exposes the space.

Located in a separate building from the main lodge, the SubZero- and Miele-equipped kitchen is designed for the professional chef or caterer who will be doing your cooking for you. In between meals, pop into the airy space and grab a snack from the glass-front cabinets or coffee machine.

In addition to the principal suite, the lake house has a screened-in bedroom on the porch overlooking the water. Logs for the fireplace are stacked in a cubby tucked into the wall (just visible to the right of the chairs); the rest of the building has a cordwood exterior that mimics the look of the log ends.

What do you think? Are the location and design enough to make up for the fact that you’d have to walk between buildings in a rough Montana winter?

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Photo credits:
1-5. Gravity Shots and Gideon Photography, via Trails West Real Estate