Black Is The New Black

One of my sisters is redecorating her bedroom. She called me while I was on set this week to ask if it was crazy to do it all in black and white. It is an adventurous and surprising move for her, and it made me realize that while black bathrooms are everywhere right now, I am still not over black bedrooms. (But I am, thankfully, completely over the kind I aspired to in my brief Goth phase.)

When done right, black bedrooms are bold, cosy and impossibly chic — a cool, Paris apartment kind of look like photographer and stylist Lena Proudlock’s…

Or, J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons’ bedroom, with its inky, matte, chalkboard painted walls.

Canadian designer Connie Braemer is another trendsetter way ahead of her time. This bedroom was first shown on the pages of House & Home years ago. It could appear in the next issue and look totally now.


Black striped wallpaper is a good compromise if solid black seems too overwhelming. Try Farrow & Ball’s Block Print Stripe. If wallpaper is too much of a commitment, you can always paint stripes instead.

I think this look would most appeal to my sister. Here are some items that I would invest in to decorate, too:


Oly Studio’s Jonathan Lounge.

The Myla mirror from Made Goods.

A candlestick lamp with a black shade like the Scallop Motif lamp from Elte.

Dwell Studio’s Sketch and Pin Dot black and white bedding from Modern Karibou.

As for painting the walls black, editor’s picks around the office include Ralph Lauren’s Surrey (TH28), Benjamin Moore’s Black (2132-10), and Farrow & Ball’s Off-Black (57). I suspect that’s what I might be doing the next time I visit my sister in Edmonton!

Not sure whether you would consider black in a room? These additional room photos may convince you.

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