Black & White Fashion Photography

The film My Week with Marilyn opens in just a couple of days, and being a combination fan for old Hollywood scandals and Michelle Williams anything, I have been trolling websites looking for comparison photos — does Michelle Williams really nail the look? I relied on my favourite Cecil Beaton photo of Marilyn to start the comparison. I think the vulnerability is definitely captured in both the real and faux Marilyn photos.

And with my experiment comes a renewed interested in black and white fashion photography, especially from the 1950s and ’60s. Did you know The New Yorker magazine sells black and white photography? I went searching for Cecil Beaton prints and found lots of stuff I could hang, on both the Condé Nast Store site and Take a look at what I found:

And imagine them filling one wall, as in this dining room by designer Christine Ralphs. The repetition of black and white and subject matter makes this a really strong art wall.

For more on creating a gallery wall, read Gwen McAuley’s blog post.

Photo credits:
1a. We Heart Vintage blog
1b., courtesy of The Weinstein Company
2a. Photo by Cecil Beaton, Condé Nast Store
2b. Photo by John French,
3. Photo by Leombruno-Bodi, Condé Nast Store
4a. Photo by Jacques Boucher, Condé Nast Store
4b. Photo by Georges Dambier,
5. House & Home February 2005 issue, photography by James Tse 

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