Black & White

A few years ago, a good friend of mine who’s a real estate agent told me that if she saw one more tasteful grey living room, she was going to throw a can of hot pink paint at it. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that. Not long after, the current trend for colour and pattern brought a welcome relief from the blah of all that beige, greige and grey.

I still cheer the era of wild florals, bold graphic prints and brave colours — alone or mixed, if you dare. But lately I find I’m also drawn to a simpler setting, although one that still takes some guts. More specifically, I can’t get enough of vertical black and white stripes.

Their mod mood and stark palette offer a welcome relief from the richly layered boho look adopted by global nomads and armchair travellers alike (it’s a virtual world after all). And the stripes slip seamlessly into every style of home, just as easily as they moved from Marc Jacob’s runway (above) — always an arbiter of trends to come — to rooms.

Whether you take an all-or-nothing approach or introduce the look in small but mighty doses, its effect is the same: fashion forward without trying too hard — a cardinal sin of great style.

I’m thinking of introducing the look in my bathroom, which already has black and white tiles. Where would you adopt the trend in your home?

See our gallery of black rooms for more ideas.

Photo credits:
1a. Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013
1b. Lonny
2. 1960s D.C. Townhouse, Hillary Thomas
3. Harriet Anstruther Studio

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