Blue Rooms

Over the past couple of months I’ve developed a major case of the blues. No, I’m not in an emotional lull, but I’ve become crazy for the colour blue.

I’ve always thought there were three types of people in the world: Those that like black, some who prefer navy, and others who prefer brown. If you had to pick just one shade to be the backbone of your colour world, which would it be? It can really say a lot about you and your style.

Anyway, I’ve confidently been drawn to black since I first got my design legs, but am now maturing into a lover of all things blue — be it navy, cobalt, sapphire, these hues are everywhere in design these days with no sign of fading away.

Here are a few spaces that use blue in a big way…

Photo Blog September 9 Blue Living Room Sofa

Paired with cool grey, the upholstery and throw pillows pop in this mod living room.

Photo Blog September 9 Blue Living Room

Here’s a more traditional take on blue with crisp white accents and rich, dark floors. Although the blue may be dark, the large dose of white keeps the space feeling airy.

For more blue inspiration, check out our Blue Rooms photo gallery.

Photo credits:
1. Apartment Therapy blog
2. Odi et Amo blog

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