Blue & White Wall Art

Decorating a large expanse of wall can be tricky. There are tried and true options such as a gilded mirror, a gallery wall of framed photos, a large screen, and so on. But if you’re tired of these, why not consider a collection of ceramics on your wall? Something like this:

Here, we’ve got a whole bunch of blue and white ceramics — plates, decorative tiles, saucers, and even architectural tiles meant for the floor or a fireplace surround. There are chinoiserie, Moroccan and even Delft motifs here, but they are held together by the common blue and white theme. Also, they’re placed in this symmetrical graphic pattern and this, too, holds the many designs together. I like the idea of painting the wall itself blue to pick up on the ceramics and make the grouping hang together as one cohesive look. It’s totally unique and unexpected and really makes a statement above this fireplace, don’t you think?

You can get a similar look with a bunch of decorative plates of various sizes like this collection from John Derian.

How gorgeous is this one?! If John Derian’s shop in New York is too far to travel — I’d be in this group, by the way — you can hunt high and low at thrift shops, antique stores and flea markets to create your own blue and white ceramic collection to hang on your wall. Just get ready for the ooohs and ahhhs!

See some of my finds here, and how I’ve arranged them in my dining room.

Photo credits:
2. Faience Wall Hanging, John Derian
3. Faience Star Center, John Derian

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