Bold Carpet Tiles

Check out these beautiful new carpet tile patterns from Flor. You can order them online and there are some retailers like Neat in Toronto that you can order through.

They are are all made from 100% recycled nylon fibres so they are extremely durable. Each tile is about 20″ square and can be trimmed to your own custom rug sizes. They are all under $16 per tile plus shipping from the U.S.

Hey Jack, $16 per tile.

Arabesque, $15 per tile.

Dream On, $15 per tile.

Mind Map, $12 per tile.

For more rug ideas, see Bev Hisey’s Textile Designs or Cutting-Edge Rug Design.

Photo credits:
1. Hey Jack, Flor
2. Arabesque, Flor
3. Dream On, Flor
4. Mind Map, Flor

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