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July 18, 2012

Bold Cereal Bowls

I’m a cereal junky. The top of my kitchen cabinets are lined with a Seinfeld-ian number of boxes, and if I’ve had a bad day, I’ll console myself with a hefty serving of granola for supper. But my basic, matte-black breakfast bowls are starting to look a bit tired from overuse, so I’m casting my eye around for a replacement set. Something, hopefully, with a bit more colour or character. Here are a few on my wish list so far:

I like the slightly surreal, other-wordly quality of this Finnish-designed bowl from Mjölk.

Williams-Sonoma’s hand-crafted bowl, made in France, has a wonderful depth in its minty green colour. The lovely crackle finish also adds character.

Cobalt is a favourite shade of mine, and I like the simple-but-different shape of this version from Design House Stockholm.

Bodo Sperlein’s design classic, available at Oliver Yaphe, probably appeals to me because I like sprinkling dried cranberries on my cereal.

West Elm’s Modernist bowl set is bursting with pattern and personality.

Could there be a more soothing way to wake up than with one of these calm-coloured stoneware bowls? I appreciate their weighty look and vintage aesthetic. Unfortunately, The Arthur has already sold out of this set, but at least it gives me something to keep in mind.

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Photo credits:
1. Mjölk
2. Williams-Sonoma
3. Design House Stockholm
4. Oliver Yaphe
5. West Elm

6. The Arthur