Bold Paint Schemes

In our upcoming March issue, we’re featuring some great bold paint colours in our Colour Guide, and I found it really inspiring. Honestly, the majority of my house is painted white, with the exception of a black accent wall which some of you saw in my book nook blog post. (Some of you expressed your dislike, but to each their own.)

However, I have been itching to splash some colour on my walls. I’m not talking about painting another accent wall or doing all the walls in one colour. No, that would be too easy. I like to challenge myself. That is, I like to make things difficult so that I can procrastinate. Then when I do finally start, my husband will inevitably take over as I am “doing it wrong.” It’s all part of the plan (hey, why marry an artist if I can’t use his expertise to my benefit?)

So, here are a few of the paint ideas that have tickled my fancy:

First we have this lovely idea from Farrow & Ball. You’ve probably seen this photo as it made the rounds quite a bit when it first came out. I would replicate this in a heartbeat if I had the ceiling height. You can check out more of the Farrow & Ball paint jobs/colour combos on the fab Man Make Home blog.

These are both from the talented photographer Emma Lee. They are the same idea but a different technique. I love them both!

And here we have a third colour with the red stripe.

I’d love to have soft pink walls like set designer Jean Christophe Aumas.

Actually, I would take his floors, too. And furniture. I would be good with the whole apartment, come to think of it. Have a look for yourself.

Photo credits:
1. Man Make Home blog
2. Pearson Lyle, photography by Emma Lee
3. Art&Décoration, photography by Patrick Smith
4. Sarah Wandering blog
5. Marie Claire Maison

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