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Do you have a nook in your house? No, not the reader’s tablet — I mean a real nook, like a recessed space beside your fireplace or vent shaft. Are you at a loss for what do with said space? Sometimes, fate is on your side and a piece of furniture fits just right. Other times, not so much.

Our house is full of nooks. But I found one of them particularly challenging because it was so small. See below, to the right of the fireplace.

At first, I thought maybe I could put a plant on a pedestal in there. But the plant wouldn’t get enough light and it seemed a bit precarious, as there is a closet door that swings open right beside it.

Then I had a great idea. I would just pick up one of these bad boys from Design Within Reach. The only problem is, we have more than 70 books, which the taller of these gentlemen holds. Having just bought our house, however, we needed to save our money for essentials like groceries. So lame, I know.

But the DWR bookcase gave me an idea. I would use this nook for books, but instead of looking for a knock-off version or waiting until I had some extra cash, I would just pile them in.

Here is a peek at how it looks now (please excuse my poor photography skills). My son also found a book nook inside the fireplace. I would prefer that they go in the bookcase in his room, but it’s better than having them strewn around the living room floor. This look isn’t for everyone, and my husband complains that it’s difficult to pull out and replace books from the lower levels. (It does require a little effort, but not much — no offense, my love.)

If you like the idea of a book nook but are looking for something a little more polished, here is a great DIY project from one of my favourite design blogs, Amber Interiors.



Blogger Amber Lewis (well, her husband) came up with the idea, which was featured on her blog and in the online mag High Gloss. Being the kind and generous lady that she is, Amber shared the instructions to make the nook here.

For tips on styling your book nook or bookcase, check out Reiko Caron’s blog post.

Photo credits:
1, 3. Kai Ethier
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