Book Storage

Aside from an appreciation for James Joyce and Anton Chekhov, my English Literature degree resulted in quite a collection of books. I’m not of the school of thought they should be tossed, recycled, or dumped at Goodwill — I love my books! And if you want to declutter, Tupperware without lids, mismatched socks, and unused electronics are far better to toss than books. I think a home’s book collection reveals a lot about the readers who live there, so let’s embrace our stacks of dusty books. They also make a great style statement in rooms that lack colour and personality. (See what my colleagues have blogged about on the subject.)

I came across this room while browsing The Selby. I may not have quite as many tomes — yet — but I must say, this room makes me rethink book storage. Is it okay to stack them all over the place, up every wall, literally filling a room with them?

Or is it better to keep them neat and tidy in some contemporary shelves? I love everything about this room — the wall colour, the beachy canopy, the global fabrics, but especially two symmetrical bookshelves flanking a bed. Gorgeous! These shelves are perfect for displaying a few books and a few treasures, but for someone like me, there would also be boxes of books in the basement.

Or is it best to combine open and closed storage? This room has two of my favourite things: crisp white paint and beadboard. What’s not to love? The overhead books add pops of colour to the room, and the lower cupboards keep it tidy.

What about you? How do you display or store your books?

Photo credits:
1. The Selby, photography by Todd Selby
2. Brian Park Photography
3. Apartment Therapy

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