Bright & Cheerful Spaces

Lately, I find I’m craving bright, unapologetic colour in almost every way possible. And after looking at these gorgeous spaces, I’m more inclined than ever to rethink my apartment’s neutral palette.

Photo Dining Table Painted Chairs

These painted Thonet bentwood dining chairs, found at Apartment Therapy, are the perfect way to add colour in a subtle way. I love how each chair is a different pastel shade, but the similar shapes make them work together as a whole. The white tablecloth keeps the look clean and grounded.

Photo Kitchen Blue Cupboards

If I didn’t live in a rental and was at liberty to tear up my kitchen, this space from design*sponge is what the finished product would look like. I love the contrast between the robin’s egg blue cupboards and the warm, almost orange wood countertop. I also love the little hits of colour from the kitchen curios that line the shelves and occupy part of the counter, which echo the retro-chic colour scheme.

Photo Sofa Squint

I stumbled across a fabulous furniture maker a few weeks ago via Decor8, and fell so in love with the designs that I bookmarked the link immediately. Squint (based in London, England) makes gorgeous patchwork furniture, including sofas, dressers and console tables, in the most amazing colours and prints.

Photo Living Room Sofa Squint

While the loud colours and patterns would certainly make any piece from Squint a focal point in the room, mixing and matching bright fabrics and pieces can have a similar effect. (Lisa Cecchini makes this point beautifully in her blog on our sister-site, I love how easily these two bold sofas work in this room, and more importantly, how they aren’t the only shot of colour in an otherwise stark white room. Now, if only I could convince my boyfriend to let me spend £4800 on a patchwork sofa…

For more on how to brighten up rooms with colour, read our Lighter Looks For Spring article.

Photo credits:
1. Apartment Therapy
2. design*sponge
3. Squint
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