Decorating & Design

December 5, 2008

Brighten And Organize A Kitchen

Q. I love a bright, lively kitchen and the style that I am leaning towards is country modern. My walls are yellow and I love the colour but it doesn’t seem to pop. I want to remove the metro shelving and replace it with a console table with floating shelves above. I also lack storage for my pots and pans and plan to install a pot rack above the sink but I’m not sure if it will work. I don’t plan to rip out any cabinets because they are only a year old. Do you have any suggestions?

— T.D., Mississauga, Ont.

A. Your current yellow wall colour is too washed-out which is why it is not giving you the pop you are looking for. Choose a paint colour with more depth and punch such as Benjamin Moore’s Barley (199) which will pick up on the warm tones in your granite countertop.

A pot rack above your sink will clutter your open concept kitchen and dining area. For extra storage and seating, replace your metro shelving with a row of custom-built bench-height cabinets along the long wall of your dining area. Top with a 4” thick foam cushion covered in a cheery, casual fabric such as a golden tan or cranberry ticking to complement the new wall colour. Replace your poker table with a small round or square dining table and two armless chairs and place these in front of the banquette to complete the dining area. This furniture placement will also allow you to still use your stools at the island for casual meals.

Since you’ll be replacing the metro shelving on which your microwave currently sits, consider purchasing an under-cabinet mounted microwave for above your stove to keep your valuable countertop space clear for food prepping. Finally, replace your current ball light fixture with a schoolhouse style pendant to complete the country modern look you are striving for.