Budget Kitchen Reno

I recently took a trip to the Etobicoke Ikea to purchase my son’s big boy bed (sniff sniff). I know some people that get stressed out or just plain lost in Ikea, but I love it. I really do! I love walking around the showrooms, checking out the market, and I love me some 75-cent hot dogs.

Anyway, like so many of my trips there, I came in for one thing and left with more than I expected. At first my husband was pleased to find that what I returned with was not a bag of 6,000 tealights or several Ribba frames that will sit empty because really, who has time to get photos developed? But I digress.

No, what my husband realized, much to his dismay, is that I came home with an idea. Scrap that. It’s bigger than that, it’s a dream. A dream and a plan for a new kitchen.

It just happened. I could see it all unfolding perfectly as I walked through the Ikea kitchen showroom.

My husband seemed, well, not psyched.

So, bloggy friends, I am going to share a few of my dreams with you and maybe you will understand. Or, maybe your eyes will glaze over like my husband’s, but I won’t be able to see you so it will be cool.

First, let’s start with the inspiration. Here are a few images that have been on my computer and corkboard — or, inspiration board as we say in the biz — at work for a while now. I blame these images first and foremost.

Up next, the items I met at Ikea:

Hello, black-brown Nexus cabinet. I’ve seen you in a flyer and I have to say, you look even better in person.

I’m thinking a couple of high cabinets around the fridge and wall and base cabinets along the west wall (I have an “L” shaped kitchen). Connecting on the north wall will be the lower cabinets that meet up to the dishwasher and stove. Of course, those cabinets will be outfitted with all those terrific interior organizers that are going to change my life, but let’s not go there right now.

Okay, while I would love to cover those base cabinets in something amazing like Carrara marble, I am a realist, even in my dreams. So butcher block countertops it is. What’s up Numerär? Want to come live with us?

Here is the part of the dream where things get a little confusing for me. Do I go Domsjo double? I have white appliances and I think they might be into each other.

Or, do I play it cool with Boholmen and his drainer? I actually don’t know if I have the space for a Domsjo double. I guess that’s why Ikea invented the kitchen planner.

Either way, I am pretty into Elverdam and his extendible spout.

Above the sink and cabinets on the north wall, I thought a Värde wall shelf with hooks might be nice. I wonder if he could be stained? Hmmm…

And above the stove for pots and pans, a good ol’ Grundtal, with hooks for utensils of course.

Finally, the trimmings. These will require a little more research, but are making their way into the dream. As for the hardware, I’m thinking polished or antiqued brass. I have long loved the glowing warmth of brass and I’m happy it’s back.

The backsplash is another tricky one. Part of me would love to use wallpaper and maybe get some lucite or glass to protect it. I made my pal Cameron MacNeil schlep two rolls of this wallpaper from a friend’s house in California where I had it delivered. Have I ever mentioned that Cameron is the best?

Then again, I do love a subway tile and I have a couple of boxes left from our bathroom reno.

And then there is the lighting! Oh, the decisions! Luckily or unluckily, depending on if you are a glass half full or empty type, I think I have a bit of time. My better half hasn’t fallen into dreamland with me yet. His feet are still firmly planted in stone-cold reality. But one day people, it’s gonna happen.

Are you still awake? Then I have just two more things to say to you:

1. I have to confess, I did also come home from Ikea with more than a bed and a dream. I also bought a milk frother and a frozen chocolate almond cake.

2. No, Ikea did not sponsor this blog post, though I wish very badly they had. Can you hear me Ingvar Kamprad?

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