Building A Bedroom Closet

Q. We want to put in a red mahogany wall-to-wall closet in our principal bedroom to match the furniture. The floor is a lighter wood (laminate). Should we tie the two together with an area rug? Should the handles be aluminum or brass?

— Kim Spezowka

A. If the new closet matches the mahogany furniture already in your bedroom, don’t worry about the differing floor colour. The closet will look like part of your furniture once it’s complete, which will tie those elements together nicely. An area rug is a great idea, but depending on the quality of the laminate, a lighter wood coloured floor and darker wood furniture can be a nice contrast. However, if you want to distract the eye from the varying colours, an area rug will work wonders.

If your bedroom has an ensuite bathroom, try coordinating the handles on the new closet with the finish of the faucets and hardware in the bathroom. Brass handles will give the closet a more traditional look, while chrome or brushed nickel will give it a more contemporary feel.


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February 20, 2016 at 10:04 am, Theresa Gilbert said:

I have a bedroom closet that is not functional. The size and shape wastes space. It is 39 1/2 x 48 3/4. There is one pole and a shelf on top which was installed by my brother in law who tried to help but knows nothing about carpentry. Help.



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