Cabinet Makeover

The kitchen in this year’s Princess Margaret Showhome boasts a spectacular jet-black china cabinet. Originally an AV unit, this piece of furniture was a generous donation from the French cabinetmakers, Grange. I remember this unit being delivered before the kitchen floor was even installed, and it was a showstopper. Even though the original cabinet’s two-tone finish offered a lovely French country look, the H&H design team chose to give it a mini-makeover so it would complement the showhome’s modern, high-contrast kitchen. Here’s the unit before it made its way to the showhome:

And here it is, sitting in the kitchen, post-makeover:

The transformation went beyond a simple paint job: notice the new recessed lights along the top, the addition and removal of shelves to maximize display and a pair of custom-fit sliding doors at the very bottom. What a difference!

The design team filled the cabinet with bright white dishes, which truly shine against the ebony finish. A few accents of rustic wood, burlap and sisal are a nice nod to the cabinet’s original warm wood finish and add to the showhome’s modern farmhouse style.

Drop by the Princess Margaret Showhome this fall to see this grandiose cabinet, as well as the rest of the home. We still have two free House & Home Style Saturday events lined up!

Photo credits:
1. Grange
2. Reiko Caron
3. House & Home October 2012 issue, photography by Michael Graydon

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