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Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed Calvin Klein

You’ve heard it from House & Home’s 2010 Trends issue, the trends gallery, Michael Penney and likely other reliable places too: four poster beds are a big, hot trend. This is from Calvin Klein’s latest collection. I’ve been dreaming of one since I moved into my bedroom-less apartment a year ago and as Tommy Smythe (see his fantastic apartment in our December 2009 issue) once told me “if there’s an elephant in the room, dress it up and celebrate it, don’t try to pretend it’s not there.”

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed Patio

I probably still have Mexico on my mind from my last post but it’s actually a poster bed with a canopy that I’m in love with lately. While I can’t exactly have this breezy, poolside look, draping around a bed is a great way to create a ‘room’ within an open space.

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed White Hotel

Here is a good example of the ‘room within a room’ from another boutique hotel, Casa Angelina in Amalfi. The mostly white palette and simple style choices in the rest of the furniture prevent it from looking too girly or precious.

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed Kara Mann

Kara Mann is my latest designer crush. I love the gauzy effect from the sheer fabric not reaching the floor that makes the room look light and airy. She strikes a great balance between keeping the décor sparse enough to be serene but just layered enough so it’s not clinical.

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed Gold

I thought I was set on the soft, drapey look until I saw this gilded antique bed with a hard canopy in a room by Stephen Sills. I’ll have to talk my work buddy, flea-market-expert Michael Penney, into keeping an eye out for one for me.

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed Red Patricia Gray

I’m also a fan of this truly eclectic version, courtesy of Canadian designer Patricia Gray. It is actually a room by Turkish designer Asli Tunca, an incredible, unpredictable version of minimalism that is achieved with colour and what looks like mostly antique pieces.

Photo February 5 Blog Canopy Bed White

It’s no secret I love white. An all-white room may seem asylum-like to some people but I think the different textures of this concrete floor, leather Moroccan pouf, chipped wood bed frame and drippy crystal chandelier make it anything but. If this were my room I would probably drape sheer fabric over the top of the frame. Come to think of it — anyone know a good woodworker?

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