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December 15, 2009

Four Christmas Tree Stand Options To Consider

Putting up the tree in my home always marks the start of the holidays. The house smells so great (yes, I still do a real tree, although I really struggled with the option of a great fake this year) and I get to dig out all my collected treasures. A few years back I invested in a really great tree stand — one that claimed you could put up a 10 footer all by yourself. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know that it has changed how my tree now sits. I used to do an urn or a great large weathered garden pot, but now I have to cover this ugly, yet practical, green stand. No worries, yards of lovely fabric do the trick, usually linen. But if you opt for something different, I have a few easy suggestions for you below.

Happy decorating!

Photo: Christmas tree in urn

The idea of gifts in tubs is totally fun and makes life easy if you have the gifts organized for the families you are giving them to — no more digging under the tree. Galvanized pails and tubs are easy to find at your local hardware store.

Photo: Pail from Home Hardware

This pail is from Home Hardware — they had other sizes as well.

Photo: Christmas tree in white urn

Now this is Christmas! So pretty — all white and fresh. Just remember that if you use an urn with a real tree, you will likely have to line it with loads of sturdy plastic so it doesn’t leak. You will also have to secure the base with rocks and such. It’s a bit of a mess to clean up after the holidays, but it sure looks pretty. The artificial tree shown above is ideal as it can pop into the urn — no fuss.

Photo: Urn from Canadian Tire

A little white paint to scuff up this iron boy and it would make a great white tree stand. Canadian Tire 25” Cast Iron Urn Planter, $80.

Photo: Christmas tree with a pile of pine cones hiding base

I love that the tree base above is hidden under a pile of pine cones — what a great job for the kids, and sooo easy. Head to your local park and start collecting.

Photo: pine cone

Photo: tinsel tree from Urban Outfitters

This funny little tinsel number comes in a few colours from Urban Outfitters — I like it without ornaments myself. Done and done. Call me crazy, but wouldn’t cotton balls be cute around the base?

Photo: cotton balls to hide base of Christmas tree

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