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October 29, 2010

Collecting Art

I’ve always wanted to own an extensive art collection, but also know it’s something that must build up over time. In my opinion, a well curated art collection is a process. It shouldn’t go hand-in-hand with choosing paint colours and fabric samples, but evolve with you throughout your life.

A recent visit to my parents’ house in small-town southwestern Ontario really proved this. Both my Mom and Dad have always had great taste, but over the years they have developed an extensive art collection and that truly reflects their style and the various moments of their lives.

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art

From an all-time favourite Modigliani print to an original abstract piece by a family friend to framed sketches picked up on various trips, they really do stand for what art collecting is all about — finding pieces you love and that mean something to you. I’m envious of their art, and in the most loving way possible, dream of the day they pass a few pieces my way!

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art Blue Wall

At this point in my life, I really only have one piece I would consider “real” art. It’s a tiny little oil painting my parents brought back from Paris. It’s my 4” x 4” prized possession! You can see it in the shot above I produced for a Design Lesson story in the October 2010 issue of House & Home. It’s the tiny blue painting above the sketch of the woman.

Anyway, until I can actually afford more “real” art, I’ve been looking for some price conscious yet still unique options that can act as placeholders while I save my pennies.

Here are a few great options that I love:

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art Man Ikea

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art Ikea

The two above are from Ikea, and range from $60-$80 — now that I can afford.

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art West Elm

Modern artist John-Paul Philippé created this bird piece for West Elm.

Photo Blog October 29 Collecting Art Crate & Barrel

And how about this Frank Lloyd Wright-ish print from Crate & Barrel?

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2. House & Home October 2010 issue, photography by John Cullen
3. Olunda, Ikea
4. Pjätteryd, Ikea
5. John-Paul Philippé Framed Bird Sketch, West Elm
6. Modern Architecture Print I, Crate & Barrel