Colourful Brooklyn Brownstone

I’ve had a real estate crush on Brooklyn brownstones for a long time. It’s because I grew up with Sesame Street and The Cosby Show. So now, when I see a generous stoop and rich exterior detailing, I smile. That’s probably why this $3.5 million, 3,600-square-foot townhouse in Park Slope caught my eye.

With its ornate banister, this stoop seems a bit too fancy for Elmo, Big Bird and company, but it would still be a great place to sit and watch the neighbourhood roll by.

The historic, 138-year-old townhouse was renovated in 2009. The original Victorian floors were restored, as was the parlour’s wood-burning fireplace.

The foyer is narrow but grand, and I like how the light, creamy walls contrast the rich, hardwood banister.

I can’t imagine a little one not loving this fanciful (not to mention enormous) bedroom.

For more information on the house, contact Corcoran.

Photo credits:
1-3. Corcoran

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