Condo Bedroom Makeover

I’ve lived in my current home for almost two years now, and am finally starting to put my stamp on a few of the rooms. Most recently, I’ve been working on the principal bedroom.

Originally our bed was oriented across the room, keeping access to the bedroom door open and maximizing views of Toronto’s beautiful Casa Loma. When we moved in, this seemed to be the most logical place when considering layout and views.

Recently, I came across this bedroom photo that became my inspiration for the bedroom makeover. This room has that comfortable, cosy look that I love in a bedroom. The size and orientation of the room also mirrors the dimensions of our own bedroom.

After moving our bed over to the window, we realized our bedside tables no longer fit. We’re happy to replace them, since they were hand-me-downs anyway. And relocating the bed has freed up room for a small seating area closer to the room’s entrance.

For new side tables, we went with a couple of Malm chests from Ikea — cheap and cheerful, and they look great in the space! At $69 each, they do the trick.

We’re still waiting on our curtains, and need to choose a carpet, paint colour and chairs for our sitting area. Stay tuned for my next blog that will reveal the finished space!

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Photo credits:
1, 3. Holly Meighen
2. Casa Sugar
4. Malm Chest, Ikea

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