Decorating & Design

December 9, 2008

Covering Bay Windows

Q. I have no idea which window coverings are suitable for bay windows. I want to have something that will be pretty from the outside as well as from the inside.

A. Bay windows can be a challenge to decorate. If your bay windows are floor to ceiling, hanging curtains is a possibility, but if your windows have a sill, as most bay windows do, the curtains might hang only to the top of the sill or ledge, and may look awkward or outdated.

Think about installing wood or fabric roman blinds that sit inside each pane of your bay window. This would give a neat, tidy and uniform look to the windows and the room. Roman shades or blinds also look good from outside of the house as well as from inside the room. Just make sure to keep each blind at the same height when they are drawn up for a clean, unified look.

Wooden shutters also make great covering for bay windows. Installed inside the window frame and painted the same as the window trim, shutters can be made at any height so the top of your windows can be left unadorned if you like, to let in light and offer privacy at the same time.