Decorating & Design

December 9, 2008

Covering Curved Windows

Q. I have large windows with rounded tops in our new living room, and don’t know what to use as window coverings. We need privacy, but I don’t want to cover them up completely, not to mention hiding all the beautiful wood trim. Please help.

— K. Strong

A. “Round Top” or “Circle Top” windows are beautiful, but can be tricky to dress up. If you want to keep the window coverings to a minimum and show off the windows and trim at the same time, try leaving the top of the window exposed, and hang a curtain rod just where the curve starts. Using fabric opaque enough to ensure privacy, attach curtains on either side of the rod, and simply pull them closed when needed. This way, you can have the comfort of privacy and enjoy your windows at the same time. Blinds can be used instead of fabric curtains, but again, hang them just where the curve starts, so the top of the window will always be exposed and constantly let in light.