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My love for DIY goes way back to my days as an eight year old, sitting for hours at a rescued kitchen table in our creepy basement, singing along to the Backstreet Boys and making piles of junk from more piles of junk. My mother believed in using one’s imagination and wasn’t the type to stock our playroom with all Michaels had to offer — maybe because we didn’t have a playroom — and that was just fine by me. I was happy as pie rummaging through old boxes, scouting the backyard for interesting pieces of nature and tearing up our outgrown dresses — anything that could keep me at that craft table longer.

Naturally, now that crafting has become part of my grown-up world, I have my heart set on a well-stocked, well-organized craft room. I’m keeping a few things in mind as the next few months of house hunting unfold.

Here are a few layouts I’m pinning as inspiration:

Here are some tips for creating your own well-organized craft room:

If space permits, set up a table in the centre of your craft room so that you have access to all sides. This makes it easy to work around your project.

This birch kitchen table from Ikea would be perfect, but lacks extra storage space. Easy fix — line the bottom with baskets or totes.

These galvanized shelves, also from Ikea, are affordable and durable — perfect if you’re working with messy goods.

Floor-to-ceiling cubbies are great for storing supplies we don’t use as often.

Use cabinets for a tidier look.

Add a vintage touch with salvaged storage found at your local thrift shop. There really is an endless supply out there just waiting to be put back to good use.

You’ll want to keep pretty packaging materials away from paint, glue and glitter, so if you can afford the space, opt for an independent gift wrapping station.

Small pails are great for various loose bits.

Pegboards are also a fantastic way to display your supplies. If you’re like me, you’ll want to keep your craft room looking pretty, so feel free to coat your pegboard in a favourite hue.

What’s your craft room essential? Comment below!

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