Curtain Room Dividers

The idea of dividing rooms with curtains is an oldie but a goodie. When dealing will small spaces and limited windows, floor-to-ceiling curtains offer privacy as well as the flexibility of letting light through or blocking it from a sleeping area. Here are a few inspiration shots that have inspired me to pick up some curtains for my own studio apartment:

Use drapes in a bathroom to achieve a high-end hotel look. Opting for fabric — rather than a proper wall — is great for air flow (and easier than putting up drywall).

These white curtains are handy for keeping eyes away from a messy kitchen, and also accentuate this room’s high ceilings.

In lofty, open spaces, hanging drapes as dividers is an easy solution when trying to shape a bedroom area. Extra-long drapes pooled on the floor create a romantic little bedroom nook, while clean-lined white curtains resemble an actual wall.

If you’d like to try this out yourself, take inspiration from Margot Austin’s blog post on how to hang curtains from a bedroom ceiling.

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