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November 27, 2008

Curtains And Wallpaper

Q. I have blue and white wallpaper in small leaf shapes. The top half of my walls is in white with blue small leaf, and the bottom half is blue with white small leaf. I love the wallpaper, but need to change the curtains. My bed is black wrought iron and my quilts are antique plain white jacquard. Please suggest a colour to bring into the room for the curtains, and whether floral or plain fabric would work best.

— Sharon

A. Your bedroom sounds lovely. A large floral pattern might be too busy with the leaf pattern of the wallpaper, but simple white curtains with a thin yellow, blue and black ticking stripe would be a wonderful contrast to the blue and white wallpaper, and would tie in the black of the wrought iron bed frame. The monochromatic scheme you currently have can also be enough on its own just with the addition of blue and white toile curtains. Try to find a blue toile that is in similar tone to the blue in your wallpaper. Using black as the contrast colour in the curtain rod, small accessories and picture frames would be a bold companion to the blue and white colour scheme. Make sure the curtains just touch the floor, and to keep the look current, use silver or black grommets or use a black wrought iron rod with clip hooks and simply hem the curtain fabric all around. But if you are looking for a little extra colour, try adding small throw pillows in a pretty Provençal yellow fabric on your bed and a vase of yellow flowers on your bedside table.