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October 18, 2012

Custom Furniture In Haliburton

For the Thanksgiving long weekend I spent some time in Haliburton at my family’s cottage. Among the hustle and bustle of closing up the cottage for the winter, my mom, aunt and I ventured out on the rainy Saturday to Calder’s Antiques & Custom Cabinetry. We are in the middle of finishing a mini renovation of one of our bunkies and wanted to explore some storage options.

With a background in Canadian antique furniture repair, restoration and refinishing, Calder’s has three warehouses stocked full of wardrobes, hutches, chests, desks and chairs.

After being in the business of restoration his “whole life,” Ed Calder gained a unique perspective on the impeccable solid-wood construction and distressed finishes that he and his talented employees expertly restore.

Now, among his huge inventory of antiques, he prides his business on custom woodworking and finishing — designing and producing anything from a small desk to whole kitchens. Above is a kitchen he designed and is in the middle of building.

Hanging on the wall when you walk into the warehouse is a small selection of the finishes and mouldings they can customize — there are boxes more as you can see on the right. They also have a paint deck available for custom colours.

In a matter of minutes, Ed whipped up a drawing of the small cabinet that we wanted for our cottage, which will be delivered in the spring.

And here are some custom pieces from Calder’s that we previously had made for other rooms in the cottage.

For custom wood furniture in the GTA, read Margot Austin’s blog post about Woodcraft in Markham.

Photo credits:
1-8. Lauren Petroff