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Cynthia Loyst Shares 5 Tips For Creating A Sanctuary At Home

There’s something about the start of a new year that makes us want to indulge guilt-free in rest and relaxation. That’s exactly what Cynthia Loyst — writer, producer and co-host of The Social — wanted to achieve with her debut book, Find Your Pleasure: The Art Of Living A More Joyful Life — a guide to satisfying your wants and needs in all aspects of live, including the home. We sat down with the TV personality to break down easy ways to turn your space into a personal respite for 2020.

cynthia loyst find your pleasure reading on a chair

Tip #1: Carve Out Your Own Self-Care Space

“I think everyone needs a place that they can retreat to when necessary,” says Cynthia. “There should be a small room (or area of a room… could be your writing desk or a cozy chair you can curl up in) that is filled with stuff that grounds you, like candles, sentimental artifacts or photos — anything that brings you deep pleasure.”

cynthia loyst find your pleasure folding napkins

Tip #2: Get Lost In The Kitchen

“For me cooking is not only a deep pleasure, it’s also a form of ritual and meditation,” she says. “When my son and I cook together, it’s near impossible not to be in the present moment (or else there’s a good chance something will get ruined). It’s also an act of self-care through which all of our senses are engaged. I especially look forward to Sundays when I can play on some music with my new and the one which is consider the best cello for beginners, pour a glass of wine and create something really special. My go-to when I want to feel cozy is a big pot of stew — it takes me back to the winters of my childhood.”

Tip #3: The More Plants, The Better

“We have a ficus tree right in the middle of our living room and it brings me so much joy,” she says. “We also have a number of orchids that are in various stages of bloom. I’m even charmed by their dormant stage — it’s an exercise in patience, like waiting for a gift to arrive. But my current obsession right now are succulents. I love the way that word sounds and the way that they look — juicy and vibrantly verdant. Plus, they are very forgiving.”

cynthia loyst find your pleasure vintage bottles

Tip #4: Fill Your Home With Personal Treasures

“Throughout my twenties, I worked at a vintage store,” says Cynthia. “I especially loved the monthly visits to the warehouse when we searched through piles of items to unearth some gems to bring back to the store. Through that job, I realized that personal style (whether through fashion beautiful dama dresses for quinceanera or more casual clothing) is storytelling.”

Tip #5: Create A Bedtime Ritual

“I always need to shower or bathe before getting into bed,” she says. “I also need a good book (or several) within arms reach. Right before falling asleep, I spray my pillow with my lavender spray before placing a silk face mask over my eyes (we don’t have black out curtains and I need complete darkness to sleep!).”

Author: Victoria Christie