October 2, 2009

Decent Instant Coffee?

Photo: New Instant Coffee From Starbucks

Really? Instant coffee?

Hold on to your latte: Starbucks is now selling instant coffee. And it’s tasty. Yes, really. The chain that has made a name for itself with high-quality brewed coffee now has encapsulated premium coffee in new little single-serve sleeves promising “just add water.”

Photo: New Instant Coffee From Starbucks

Can instant ever be as good as fresh-brewed?

To give them credit, Starbucks isn’t just using the same old instant. They’ve created a magical mix of instant-dissolving crystals and top-secret “micro-ground” coffee. So there’s actually real ground-up coffee bean in the cup.

Photo: New Instant Coffee From Starbucks

But the proof is in the drinking, and I really quite like the Columbian instant. It’s better than lots of the brewed swill out there and certainly better than most airline and hotel coffee.

A few of my colleagues here tried it too and agree that the coffee is tasty (and the H&H offices are directly above a Starbucks, so we know our material).

I already have a special place in my heart for instant coffee: it’s fast and easy, it reminds me of travelling in Asia, and it’s the best way to pump up the flavour in chocolate desserts. I’ll be slipping a few of these little sachets into my purse, just in case.

Photo credits:
1. From House & Home March 2009 issue, photography by Janis Nicolay
Starbucks Coffee