Decor-Driven Gingerbread Houses

Designer Kimberley Seldon of HGTV fame takes gingerbread house decorating seriously. Using ready-made kits available through Metro, Seldon suggests ways to customize a house based on your decor preferences. What else would you expect from a design diva?

The Traditionalist

Traditionalists rely on the classic colour combinations found in the candy that accents this look. Choose symmetrical details for the exterior of the house, like twin candy cane pillars. Create a wreath with coated chocolate candies and enhance ‘curb’ appeal with a mint-square doormat. Finish with snowy dusting of shredded coconut.

The Modernist

The modernist makes a statement with simple graphics and uncomplicated details. To make a contemporary wreath, slice the top off a white marshmallow and ring by black-and-white licorice allsorts. Use a halved black jelly bean as a doorknob, and chocolate-coated mints to mimic rooftop tiles.

Classic Elegance

You love to make a splash and get noticed. Take a similar approach when creating a gingerbread house and lavish it with metallics in the form of a gold dragée starburst and luxe gold-wrapped truffles that fill in for winter planters. White-chocolate pretzels stand in for lattice on the side of the house, while the walkway is lined with silver candy balls to create a grand entrance. Sprinkle crystal sugar coating on the roof, and kick things up a notch with a row of silver bling down the peak.

Photo credits:
1-4. Metro

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