Decor Inspiration From IDS Booth Designs

Designing a booth for the Interior Design Show isn’t as easy as it seems. Months of organizing and thought went into our pared-down, boutique-like space — but it was well worth it! We took our own decorating advice to style the 20′ x 40′ space; keep it simple, open and clean. Our Online TV producer, Sheri Graham Delagran had a great vision for the space. Here’s how she pulled the look together.

Our booth was split in half, creating two separate spaces: a magazine sales side and an Online TV side. The division was subtle but practical. We used a series of Ikea’s Bestå units which doubled as extra storage for us. For a clean look, we chose not to use hardware on the doors. Two Ljusås Ysby lamps added the perfect spot of green, which was also reflected in our oversized magazine poster and tabletop floral arrangements.

We used three Bjursta dining tables to mark the perimeter of our booth. They worked perfectly to display our stacks of magazines without feeling bulky or boxed in. The beautiful baskets — from Bacon Basketware — stored our extra magazines in a tidy, decorative way, which is something I do at home, too!

The Online TV half of the booth was bright, open and minimally decorated to keep the focus on our guests. A few white Glenn bar stools were perfectly comfortable for our interviews. The audience got cosy on aluminum Reidar chairs that were easy for us to move around (light as a feather!) and stack into neat piles. Bacon Basketware’s trunk-type baskets were gorgeous and super sturdy! They stacked neatly near the Bestå units, offering a soft look against the white-on-white decor and added some height without too much distraction for the cameras.

Although you can’t see it in the shot above this one, the Alvine Ruta rug sat under the stools in the Online TV area. It grounded the space nicely, as rugs do in any room, big or small.

Of course, the best moments are always when our H&H events have the booth buzzing with H&H readers:

Over the weekend, I took the time to look around and scope out other great displays. Since Ikea outfitted our space, I couldn’t help my curiosity about theirs!

This year’s Ikea kitchen design was inspired by Chanel. The chic, streamlined look was bursting with storage (I think this kitchen had more organized storage then my whole apartment!) and integrated appliances. They recreated the idea of an open-concept space, which many new home and condo-dwellers are turning to. Can you see that wall of storage near the living room area? Ikea customized that wall out of kitchen cabinets!

Here’s a close-up of the iridescent black backsplash tiles from Stone Tile that created a quilted Chanel handbag effect. You can also see how the induction cooktop blends into the black granite countertop — a great way to avoid visually breaking up the space.

Of course, I had to be nosy and pull open every cabinet and drawer in sight. My favourite was this pull-out pantry system. It’s much more user-friendly: no more boxes of decade-old Jell-O will be forgotten at the back of the cupboard!

Hopefully you had a chance to join us at IDS12. If not, we hope to see you there next year!

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Photo credits:
1-3. Michael Graydon
4. Ikea
5-7. Ryan Louis
8-10. Michael Graydon

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