Decorating Open Concept

Choosing one colour for an open-concept dining room and living area helps the space flow.

Q. What kind of window coverings should I use on a dining room bay window? Also, when painting the walls of an open living room/dining room, do all walls have to be the same colour? If not, where and how?

A. There is no rule that open living/dining rooms have to be the same colour. But depending on the colours you want to use, it might create a smoother flow if you stick with the same one. However, one effective way of introducing another colour and identifying the dining room as a separate room is to paint the back wall only of the dining room a different colour. If you have a buffet or console table on the back wall, top it with a large framed mirror to bounce light back into the living room, and think about flanking the mirror with wall sconces for extra drama and focus on the wall.

For the bay window in the dining room, try to use similar fabrics to what you have in the living room for consistency. A solid linen, cotton or silk would pair well with many colours and styles. A bay window is always a little more challenging to treat, but if you need privacy, consider three roman shades for each “side” or angle of the window. Try to make sure each blind is always at the same level for a neat and tidy look. Wood shutters are another alternative for bay windows, again one for each side. However, if natural light is a priority, the shades might be a better choice.

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September 24, 2015 at 10:17 pm, Julie said:

I have a large, open space for my den, kitchen and dining room. The only physical object that defines each space is an L-shaped bar. I’m trying to redecorate the entire area and just feel overwhelmed. With so many areas, I don’t know how to approach it. I know the look I want…airy, neutral colors with blues and taupes. Almost a “beachy” cottage feel without screaming “beach”. HELP!!!!!


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