Decorating With Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are so easy to find these days. High-end versions can be purchased in almost any decor store, but they’ve become so popular that big-box stores like Zellers, HomeSense and Walmart now carry a variety of them. What’s great about them is they are as beautiful as they are functional — if you know how to fill them. Of course bath salts, pillar candles and candies are no-brainers that are guaranteed to look chic, but there are so many more options out there. Here are a few ideas:

Let’s start with the kitchen. Although the fruits look terrific, I don’t recommend placing them in jars with lids as they will develop condensation. Use that idea for a quick centerpiece, but not for long-term display.

Take your beans, nuts and pasta out of the cupboard and expose them; it will free up space in your pantry and add a decorative touch to your shelves or countertops.

This storage solution is my favourite; keep all your cookie cutters in a jar! This looks best when all your cutters are made of tin or copper.

I think this idea can work without having to purchase a jar with the beverage attachment. Just use one with a wide mouth opening and use a ladle to dispense the punch. This is so much nicer than classic punch bowl — and it keeps your juice bug-free for outdoor parties!

I always see apothecary jars in bath and body stores piled high with soaps and salts. But realistically, who has 25 bars of the same soap to display? I prefer using jars as storage for everyday items like toothpaste, cotton swabs and loofahs. The stackable version from West Elm is perfect for small spaces.

Terrariums in a jar are always nice. Layer them with care for best effect.

Throw a small collection into a jar; it makes dusting a lot easier than exposing them all on a shelf!

Apothecary jars can also spruce up a crafts area or laundry room. Throw your buttons, ribbons, screws, clothespins or laundry soap into these for an attractive alternative to plastic containers.

I’m sure there are many more ideas I haven’t thought of… What do you put in your apothecary jars?

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  • konnier

    looks pretty. but don’t get round containers. sorry to rain on your parade but it’s a commitment. you may move, change your space, your taste and then you are stuck and your have to completely start over. rectangles or squares can be stored and re-used without spending a boatload of money. wish I had known before I bought round ones