Decorating With Cacti

No green thumb? No problem. Pick up this plant du jour for a spot of fuss-free greenery.

Spiky and unpretentious, a cactus offers the perfect Arizona-chic vibe for summertime. Pair it with industrial pieces and worn leather for a rugged, masculine look.

Anthropologie put together this space that just screams hot weather. I love that the green ikat sofa has a cactusy-feel to it!

How about a cactus in the kitchen? It doesn’t shed or collect as much dust as leafy plants, making it the perfect countertop companion. (Can you believe that this space is actually a hair salon?)

These prickly fellas lend a southern touch to this bohemian space.

Designer Tom Scheerer added a succulent into this entry in the beachy de Givenchy residence. Aloe’s a good choice if you prefer a softer look (and feel!).

This cacti wall might be difficult to achieve in Canada, but if you have the interior space to move these 8-foot-tall monsters back indoors for the winter, this might be the perfect alternative to an outdoor hedge. I would love to bring a little desert decor to my backyard…

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