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December 11, 2009

Decorating With Pendants

My designer crush of the moment is Brad Ford, a soon to be, if not already, recognizable designer originally from Arkansas (I’m from Alberta, and somehow I think this means we can relate). I love how his spaces are clean and calm and feel livable but not cluttered. And he’s cute, too!

Photo: Brad Ford

I spotted this room of his and was instantly drawn to the white palette, suspended seating and especially the nature-inspired porcelain garlands that create a feature wall.

Photo: White palette, suspended seating and porcelain garlands

Photo: White palette, suspended seating and porcelain garlands

Photo: Porcelain garlands

This statement-making wall hanging acts as sculpture, replacing a predictable piece of oversized art. It creates a look that is sophisticated but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Photo: Bocci's floating porcelain pendant lighting

It reminds me of Vancouver-based Bocci’s floaty porcelain pendant lighting inspired by barnacle formations, which I absolutely love.

Photo: La Merceria window display

I came across an affordable, more manageable take on this theme at one of my favourite Toronto spots, Argentinian boutique and café La Merceria. Their window display features jute garlands with delicate heart, star and leaf-shaped shells ($28 each).

Photo: slightly festive whimsy decoration

I have to admit I’m kind of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas decorating but these have inspired me with their slightly festive whimsy — though I will find a way to make them work year-round.

To see more of Brad Ford’s style, read Suzanne Dimma’s blog from last week.

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