Defining Style With Hardwood Flooring

Flooring can play a major part in defining the ambience or mood of a room. But how do you decide on a style to suit your specific space and personality?

Preverco is a family-run business that has been making hardwood floors for 25 years. Their interactive website can help you define your style—from country to contemporary — plus, you can learn more about flooring textures, species and plank width. (This blog is sponsored by Preverco.)

Here are some of our favorite ways to create ambience with your floors throughout your home.

Create a classic hotel-look in a bedroom

Wide-plank white oak floors in a light stain help to create the feeling of relaxed luxury. The soft, neutral tone allows statement furniture pieces like this ornate bed to take centre stage.

Warm up a kitchen with country-style floors

Achieve a timeless country look in a kitchen with a dark stain (such as Sumatra, pictured above) that emphasizes the strong grain of the red oak and allows your cabinets and island to pop. Red undertones in the floor warm up the room.

Go sleek and contemporary with loft-like floors

The dark stained of this floor brings out the wood’s natural details. The combination of high, modern baseboards and sleek steel elements like this streamlined railing make this a great choice for those who prefer a cool and contemporary look.

Bring energy and interest to a living room

This rich ash floor features a dark and prominent grain that contrasts beautifully with the contemporary décor, enabling the bright, eclectic upholstery to stand out.

For more information about Preverco floors and how they can help create the perfect ambience in your home, visit

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