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Design Hack: Bench Bookshelf

Double-duty furniture is a must-have in small spaces and family homes, and this combined bench and bookshelf in senior editor Sally Armstrong’s basement is a particularly clever solution. Shelves built under the seat not only keep clutter at bay, but also add visual interest, putting a collection of multicolored spines on display. To get a similar look to this custom piece, look for a bench with open storage and stock it with your favorite titles.

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Amanda Tucci
Virginia Macdonald
Sally Armstrong
House & Home September 2013 issue

One Response to “Design Hack: Bench Bookshelf”

April 11, 2016 at 1:32 am, Lynne Woodman said:

Nice! I very much like the look and function. I’m surprised to see so many patterns grouped together but that seems to be the trend lately.



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