plywood plank flooring

Design Hack: Plywood Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring is a hot look, and luckily it’s possible to fake it with inexpensive plywood planks (a sheet of plywood can yield 12 planks of “hardwood”), glued to a wood subfloor. Have a sheet of plywood cut into 8″-wide planks, and then halve them to make 12 8″-wide planks: the total number of sheets depends on the floor space. Finish the plywood with a very dark stain, like ebony or espresso: the darker the stain the more “real” the wood will look. Coat it with a low-luster sealant to create an authentic-looking matte finish. Use wood glue to affix the planks to the wood subfloor.

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Wendy Jacob
Angus Fergusson
Joel Bray
House & Home February 2013 issue
Plywood, baseboard, The Home Depot; stools, Elte; area rug, Angus & Company; artwork, Boo Boo & Lefty; wall colour, Pointing (2003), Farrow & Ball

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