The Toronto Interior Design Show kicks off tonight with an exciting new twist: Already a fixture at design fairs in New York, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Sydney and elsewhere, the pop-up shop Designboom Mart can now add Toronto to its list of destinations.

Like a well-curated street market, Designboom is clerked by the designers themselves, so you can speak to them directly about their quirky creations, then buy from them right on the spot. More than 200 objects ranging from small furniture and lighting to accessories are for sale at prices as little as $1 and as high as $100. (The money helps fund the designers’ travel costs.)

Here’s a few of the designs you’ll find:

1. Tea Diver tea infuser by Abel Design

The peaceful feeling of floating underwater, removed from the noise and rush of day to day life, inspired Korea-based Abel Design’s deep sea diver tea infuser. Often, tea time delivers a similar feeling of calm.

2. Porcelain mortar and pestle by Designlump

The beautiful ceramic creations by Montreal designer Chifen Cheng are featured in the March 2013 issue of House & Home magazine, so consider her booth at Designboom a sneak peek. In addition to her indispensible mortal and pestle, Chifen will also be selling cups in stunning shades of grey-blue.

3. Checkmate Coat Hook by Donald Corey

Industrial designer Donald Corey challenges homeowners to look beyond typical, mass market options to find designs that tell a more personal story.

4. Daisy Garden Mat by Joe Jin

Toronto designer Joe Jin has scaled down his Daisy Garden Rug to door mat size without losing an inch of the design’s whimsy. Artificial flowers snap into the grass-like base, providing a pleasing patch of green to condo dwellers and homeowners alike. (An especially welcome sight on a grey winter day.)

5. Smart Stand by Tanzency

The charm of an old fashion phone with all the perks of a modern mobile. This clever design by Korea’s Sungmo Chung is Bluetooth-enabled, sized for any smartphone, and lets you use the device’s other functions while talking on the phone.

For more of what to watch out for at IDS this year, stay tuned for Chloe Berge’s blog post tomorrow afternoon.

Photo credits:
1. Abel Design
2. Designlump
3. Donald Corey
4. Joe Jin
5. Tanzency

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