Stylish Furniture For Dogs

Sometimes you need a little levity in the world of design. Let’s explore some innovative domestic solutions for your canine BFF.

South Korean designer Seungji Mun’s line of animal-friendly furniture lets you work your terrier into the decor.

Owners can interact with their pets through the opening under the armrest without relinquishing prime sofa space, or encouraging the dog to jump up on the furniture.

Dog crates are drab downers, but these versions come in different finishes and woods to match not only your palette…

… but your pooch.

The scaffolding structure of this Tokyo project by Sou Fujimoto Architects also serves as inspiration for a doghouse.

Which doubles as storage. This design was Sou Fujimoto’s entry in the Architecture for Dogs exhibition. Free blueprints for the resulting works by architects from around the globe are available to download from the website.

Another entry from Architecture for Dogs, this modern riff on Snoopy’s house from Dutch architects MVRDV is meant for real-life beagles. This playful design rocks gently as the dog enters and exits so it acts as both shelter and an interactive toy.

More of a “dog object” than home, Haruka Misawa’s conceptual paper cone suspended from the ceiling is designed for only the coolest of canines.

For more stylish solutions for pets, read these blog posts by Suzanne Dimma, Stacey Smithers and Catherine MacIntosh.

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