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Disguising Your TV

TVs are often the focal point of a living room, but from a design perspective, they’re an eyesore. In the condo featured above, designer Tommy Smythe cleverly customized the kitchen peninsula to provide a perfect hiding spot for the TV. The dark cabinetry colour paired with the layout of the space makes this a perfect solution for a small open-concept condo.

Taking cues from Smythe, we’ve come up with 3 other clever ways to disguise your TV:

1. Built-in cabinets are a practical way to hide a TV out of sight while providing additional storage space. Have them custom-designed for your living room or den, or put together an affordable set from a big-box store that works for your space.

2. A gallery wall is another option to distract from the TV itself. Mount your flatscreen TV to the wall, then simply hang your favourite art pieces (varying sizes works best) around it to draw attention away from the TV. If a gallery wall is too busy for your space, opt for an off-centre approach and hang one or two photos on one side of the TV.

3. An oversized console is a great way to distract from the TV. Using a console or credenza that is much wider than your TV will draw the eye along the line of the console rather than focusing on the TV, and provides plenty of open display for other decorative pieces like sculptures and vases.

The trick is to turn your TV into background noise and not showcase it as a feature in the room.

Tour the condo above on Online TV.

Author: Jennifer Koper & Marina Stamatakos

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House & Home April 2015 issue


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