Dividing Large Rooms

Photo: large curtains dividing a bedroom

Call me a throwback, but I like rooms. I like moving from one room to another. I like things feeling compartmentalized (does that say something about me which should be addressed in chats with a professional…?). A friend of mine is about to embark on a major reno and will be tearing out lots of walls to create a big open space. Another friend has a big open studio space and is looking for ways to create separation in the space. Do we all want what we don’t have?

Anyway, it got me thinking about rooms. Not just why so many of us are ready to get rid of them, but what are some ways to create the feeling of rooms — of separation — without having some big honking wall stopping your sightline.

Obviously the drape idea is a perfect solution (see in the image above). I’ve seen it used successfully to make bedrooms in loft spaces many times, but how about making a dining room with the sheerest of sheers:

Photo: separating living room from dining room

I love this idea. The dining room seems separate from the living room, and no doubt a little sexy and special when you are seated at the table, but full of light during most of the day, I would imagine, when it is not likely in use. So you don’t have that wall stopping your sightline or blocking your light.

But this next idea is not so obvious and I love it:

Photo: oversized mirror hung to separate two rooms

Here, the NYC designer John Douglas Eason hung an oversized mirror from the ceiling by chains to create separation in a large bedroom between the sleeping area and the lounging area. This is so smart. Eason’s project is in a Greenwich, NYC house so it is probably a large upper floor of a brownstone, reno’d to make one big loft-like bedroom. Thing is, I have been in a lot of new builds lately where principal bedrooms are huge and therefore, difficult to decorate. This is an idea I would use. One big frame, encasing either a mirror, artwork or fabric on a stretcher, hung from your joists (because they can hold the weight). Brilliant.

For more tips on separating an open-concept space, see Bachelor Apartment Ideas.

Photo credits:
1. Uxus Design, from A212 blog
2. Metropolitan Home
3. John Douglas Eason, Greenwich Showhouse

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