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March 11, 2009

DIY Photo Wall

House & Home style editor Stacey Smithers created this low-cost answer to a large-scale art investment by tacking black-and-white snapshots to a white-painted corkboard. Quirky and oh so personal, the two-tone collage presents a variety of photos as a single work of art and the images can be easily switched up on a whim.

Step 1

Choose a wood-framed oversize corkboard from an office supply store.

Step 2

Prime and paint the board and frame the same colour as the walls for a floating effect.

Step 3

Collect photos. Stacey re-sized her pics slightly smaller than the standard 4×6 for a more distinct look before transferring them to black and white, cropping and printing them with white borders.

Step 4

Tack on photos with clear pushpins. We arranged them in a quasi-pyramid, but feel free to get creative.

Author: Samantha Sacks

Donna Griffith